Periwinkle Magic Sequin Wristlet

Periwinkle Magic Sequin Wristlet

$3.50 $6.95

Elevate your style with a Magic Sequin Wristlet from Fashion Angels. The Fashion Angels Magic Sequin Collection is the trend taking over for young girls. Dazzling sequins change colors with just a swipe of your hand from iridescent periwinkle to matte periwinkle – so addicting and so satisfying. The Magic Sequin Collection is perfect for any age. Use this Wristlet as a wallet inside your larger bag or as a clutch to add some sparkle to any outfit, but no matter how you use it, your style will definitely be a showstopper! Collect all the colors of Magic Sequin Wristlets to go with all your outfits.

Ages 8+

Dimensions: 6"L x 05."W x 4"H