Lash Primer

Lash Primer


Apply FARMASI Lash Primer by placing the brush at the base of the eyelashes and combing upwards to the tip. Apply your mascara on top before the primer dries. For perfectly full lashes, apply 2 coats of mascara after applying FARMASI Lash Primer.

Key Ingredients:

Capixy|™ is a combination of two active ingredients:

Red Clover Extract

Red clover extract is a plant extract rich in Biochanin A. This is a naturally occurring compound of the flavonoid class. It is found in various plants. The extract in Capixy|™ is from the red clover plant.

Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3

This is a short peptide (protein) composed of four amino acids. It is a "biomimetic peptide," a manufactured peptide that mimics a naturally occurring one.

Companies engineer biomimetic peptides to be more stable and effective compared to their natural counterparts. The tissue surrounding the hair follicles (Extra Cellular Matrix or CM) is crucial for proper hair growth. The CM is constantly remodeled during the various phases of hair growth. It is critical in maintaining the hair follicle and controlling its volume.

Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 promotes this CM regeneration. The end result is stronger hair.

Helps to increase water resistance and the long-wear performance of your mascara.
Helps to improve the look of eyelashes thanks to its Capixy|™ content.
The conditioning formula evenly separates and coats eyelashes to maximize the performance of your mascara.


This simple and functional brush is moderately sized, has a moderate hardness of the brush filaments, and has moderate space between the bristles: the result during application is an immediate coating, a perfect combing effect, and complete control of the position of the lashes. Ergonomic and easy to use, you can build your primer stroke-by-stroke, satisfying your creativity and intensity.